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These are not a stocked item, But decided to offer as a cataloged item. They are made to order and expect 4-6 weeks for delivery. Material is 1018CRS. Machined from solid and is modeled after the first model. 


A little history:

 1790, General "Mad" Anthony Wayne was looking for a small, highly portable field piece that he could use against the Native Americans on the frontier. He provided some very basic specifications including caliber (2.85 inches) and overall weight and sent them off to Daniel King of Philadelphia. The gun was to be a howitzer (meaning there was to be a powder chamber in the breech smaller in diameter than the bore.) It was to be conveyed in pack saddles, not towed, and was to have a total weight of no more than 250 pounds. King was able to provide such a gun and General Wayne was pleased with results. However, it was soon discovered the little cannon could not take its own recoil and damaged itself upon firing. The solution was to make the bronze barrel beefier in the breech and trunnions, increasing its weight from 38 to 60 pounds.

Daniel King Howitzer