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Coehorn style mortar. Ready To Shoot!!

Golf ball size bore. The barrel is turned from solid 1018 CRS 3" diameter X 5-3/4" over all length. the bore is 1.720" X 3-3/4" deep with a 1" X 1" breach/Powder Pocket. 1/8" vent/fuse hole. The trunnion is 1" diameter X 4-1/2" wide. The barrel is painted with flat black enamel. The base measures approximately 5-1/2'X10-3/4"X3" tall.(Base measurements may vary by a 1/2" on the width, depending on the wood that is available at the time of the build).

The base is is finished with a UV Spar urethane.


Note on the color of the base: Color will vary depending on the wood. 

Coehorn Mortar/Dark Oak