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Our Cheroots are replicas of what was used in the 19th century, but made updated material. The barrel and ferul are made of 416 stainless steel. 416SS is a gun grade stainless and is the same grade as Ruger uses for there stainless guns. The barrel measures 4-1/4” in length. The bore is .32 caliber at 3-1/2” deep. Fuse/vent is for 2mm fuse. The shaft is 1” diameter at the base of the handle and tapers roughly to 3/4”.  The rubber tip is replaceable. The Cheroot comes with a loading kit that will supply you with 6 shots. The kit includes the following: 1 powder measuring/loading device, 1 ramrod, 1 tube of 3ffg black powder, 6 fuses, 6 lubricated patches, 6 .32 cal lead balls, 1 tin to hold everything. Also includes firing instructions.