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The Story

This whole thing started in 1999 when I wanted a cannon. I don’t really like buying things that i think I can make myself. Being a journeyman tool and die maker and having the keys to the shop….I went to work. I built a mortar with a 3” barrel and an 1-1/2” bore. Mounted it into an oak base and was hooked. Over the next few years I made a few and sold them. In 2007 I bought my own lathe and started building quite a few with the intentions of it being a side business. I had a lot of great customers and built some cool cannons. Even some working 1/16 scale Dahlgrens for a 1/16 scale Civil war ship. Then 2008 hit and not too many people had “cannon money”. Sold the lathe, moved a couple times, made far fewer cannons and didn’t think much of it. In 2018, craving an adventure and tired of Michigan winters, my wife closed her business, I quit my job, we sold our house, packed up our stuff, dogs, horses and moved to Dunnellon Florida. Since I didn’t have a job, I had time to build a shop. My wife thought I was a little crazy when I told her I was going to build cannons full time. Being the awesome, supportive wife she is, she said go for it and here we are. Making mortars and cannons in Florida. Meeting great people and customers everyday. Thank you for your support and lets shoot some cannons!

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